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Alexandre the Savage Gnome

He removed the lock just prior to Vicke reaching the climax of the show and opening the curtain to reveal Alexandre, The Savage Gnome!

the audience saw, however, was the cage door swinging open, and standing in the center, surrounded by Alexandre's dolls, was his twelve year old daughter, Regina.

She was wearing a blue dress and holding a replica of the Jenny-doll in her hands. She was encased in a thin layer of wax, beautifully sculpted to highlight her young beauty and innocence, her lips and eyes sewn together beneath the beautiful eyes and full lips painted on the wax death-mask.

The audience crowded closer, believing all this to be more of Vicke's highly stylized and sensationalistic circusing. A woman was heard to say, "Look at how her chest moves, like the doll is breathing".

As the true horror of Alexandre's latest accomplishment sunk in, Vicke realized that his daughter, ashen and sewn and encased in wax, was still alive!

Alexandre viciously attacked, at once using his carving knife to slash at Vicke's stomach and then, once Vicke was doubled over on the stage, using his sharp, jagged teeth to rip away Vicke's throat and jugular.
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